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Vintage Love - The Mission

To create, design & find original, unusual, quirky and most importantly affordable non-mass produced pieces of ultimate coolness! These piece's can be worn, admired, used, looked at, talked about, sat on, played with and so much more. We sell stuff for people who love stuff.

Vintage Love - The Back Catalogue

From a very early age my passion for arts, craft and design started to show through, as well as my entrepreneurial nature!

When I was young (primary school age) our family would go to the beach each summer. I would collect shells on our night walks along the beach, the next day I would paint, pastel and glitter the heck out of the shells, creating art, shell mobiles and necklace's that I would in turn sell back to my family in exchange for money to spend at the shop - $1 mix from memory. This was my earliest record of a business transaction.

I have had a finger in almost every creative pie I can think of ever since, from sewing clothes to wear in high school, making beaded jewellery with friends, bagging and selling firewood through winters while at university, growing and selling plants, mosaicing, hypertuffa, sculpture, well all sorts as you can see.

I am no stranger to a 60+ hour week and when its time to relax on a Sunday afternoon, that's when the most creative ideas start swirling around and come into fruition.

I absolutely love what I do, creating, making, designing & sourcing cool stuff from around the work is where its at for me. I 100% believe that if you want something bad enough and you are prepared to work for it then you can have it. And if you need a little advice along the way here are a couple of things that have helped me on my travels.

Every day is a school day. The best things in life are free.
Love the life you live and you will live a life of love.
Without disappointment you can not appreciate victory
When one door closes another door opens.

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