Frankie & Rose Reed Diffuser - Brandied Pear


BRANDIED PEAR | brandy, vanilla pod, cinnamon

{brandied pear}

an autumn inspired fragrance, it is warm and welcoming and will fill your home with cosy nuances

a sweet indulgence of ripe, juicy pear and cask aged brandy. a perfect balance of natural freshness and mouthwatering sweetness that can be enjoyed in any season.



add reeds to the bottle, allow reeds to infuse with fragrance for 24 hours then flip.

flip reeds every week to diffuse the scent throughout your home. 

be attentive. make sure your diffuser is in a safe area where it won't spill or leak and keep out of direct sunlight.

contains 8 reeds, simply add less reeds if less fragrance is required

200ML - will fragrance your home for around 6 months