Romi & Wilde Blocker Candle


{ B L O C K E R }

This candle is both powerful and pretty.

Obsidian works to dissolve mental stress and tension. A strong protection stone, it banishes and blocks any negativity from others directed to you. Basically it helps shut up those gossiping souls by revealing the truth in matters of rumors. Therefore reversing any evil will back to whoever is casting it.

Amethyst is another strong protection stone and one of the master crystals. It helps form a personal protective shield around you BLOCKING out anyone else’s negative energies while easing any anxieties. It promotes peaceful sleep when placed under your pillow, preventing nightmares from occurring.

Chamomile flowers when burned emit an aroma that promotes peacefulness and can medically reduce blood pressure.

Scented with Creamy Vanilla bean.
What a winner!

*All candles are made with vegan soy wax and using bio glitters.

*Standard size is 340ml with a 28-30 hour burn time depending on correct candle care.