Romi & Wilde Grounding Candle


{ G R O U N D I N G }

This candle is all about getting you back to feeling a little more grounded and centered...

Tiger eye promotes courage in being yourself and accomplishing your goals. While keeping you centered & balanced it increases your luck with career matters.

Citrine is the known as the lucky happy stone known to bring prosperity and ever so Helpful when manifesting your desires.

Calendular petals purify the air making it easier to focus on tasks while Himalayan rock salt eases any self doubt or anxieties.

Scented with Nag Champa (incense) used in Buddhist temples around the world and great for meditation!

It’s all about the ZEN!

*All candles are made with vegan soy wax and using bio glitters.

*Standard size is 340ml with a 28-30 hour burn time depending on correct candle care.